Featured Cars

1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

The Gullwing was introduced in 1954 as the “Mercedes Supercar” and this example has Rudge knock-off racing wheels, a tubular frame construction (same as the race car) and weighs 2,855 pounds. Look for this spectacular vehicle to be on display in the Concours portion of the show around the Lake Mirror Promenade.

1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster

Another historically significant car to be showcased in the Concours is the 1957 300SL Roadster. Originally restored by Precision Autoworks in August of 2014, it is one of 30 original Rudge wheel roadsters. It also features the original Becker Mexico radio as well as matching Baisch factory suitcases.

Dale Earnhardt’s No. 3 “Pass in the Grass” NASCAR

The downtown show will feature one of the most famous NASCAR vehicles in the world. During the 1987 all-star race Dale Earnhardt drove his blue and yellow Wrangler Monte Carlo to victory with a pass in the grass during a late race battle with Bill Elliott and Geoff Bodine. This was Earnhardt’s final year with the Wrangler jeans sponsorship and one of his most momentous victories. This car will be featured near the MIDFLORIDA Tower in downtown Lakeland along with a video of the historic pass.

(Photo Credit:  Michael Jones)