Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers

Below are some commonly asked questions that are organized into categories to help you find your answer faster.  Check back as additional questions and answers will be added as the event date approaches. Click the question to see answer.



When is the car show being held?

The Lakeland Auto Show & Lake Mirror Concours will be held Saturday, October 21, 2017.

How do I register my car to participate?

Online registration is now open.

Entrants will receive an information packet by mail about 10 days prior to the show which will include detailed instructions and location maps. Show participants (other than cars for sale) receive lunch for two people, a goody bag, event memento and a personalized vehicle display sign.

Display locations will be different this year and you may not be in the same familiar spot. Please pay particular attention to your information packet and the instructions contained to ensure a smooth setup the morning of the show.

How much will it cost to register my car for the show?

The price for early registration is $50 per car. After August 31, 2017, registration will increase to $75. Register Online

How can I qualify for the Lake Mirror Concours portion of the show?

The vehicle must fit into one of the Concours categories, and you must submit a supplemental application and photos for review by the Concours selection committee.

Does the registration cost differ for the downtown part of the show versus the Concours?

No. The entry fee for either part of the show is the same.

Is there a separate entry fee for the Concours?

No. A single registration fee takes care of the Auto Show or Concours registration.  Vehicles applying for the Concours will be requested to submit a supplemental application and be approved by the Concours Selection Committee.

Does my car have to be pre-registered?

All show cars must be pre-registered for the show with the exception of cars in the Cars for Sale lot. Please bring $75 payment the day of the show to place a car in the sale lot.

How many cars will you accept?

We have room for approximately 650 total show vehicles for the Lakeland Auto Show. The Concours is limited by space to approximately 120 vehicles.

When will I know if I’ve been accepted into the show?

Space permitting, we have a place for every kind of collectible car in the show. If you’ve applied for the Concours and have been accepted, you will be notified by mail in the latter part of September.

How will I know when to arrive and where to go the day of the show?

After your application is accepted, you will receive a packet of information in early October that will include all applicable details, maps and required information.

Is there secured, overnight parking for show cars?

Yes, there will be secured, overnight parking for show cars in the Orange Street Garage located at 300 E. Orange St., Lakeland, on Friday and Saturday nights. Security will be on duty from 5:00 pm on Friday through Sunday morning. No advance arrangements are necessary. Details will be provided in the vehicle registration packet.

Is there space for trailer parking?

Yes, we have a reserved field for trailer parking about 2 blocks from the show field. This field will be secured. To request parking for your trailer or large vehicle, please check the appropriate box during registration.

How can my car club register?

We need at least 10 registered cars of the same marque before considering a dedicated group display area. Special display areas are subject to space availability. Contact Ginny Askew at or by phone at (863) 904-4889 to indicate your intent to attend. Club members will still need to register online individually to enter the show.

Can I park next to my friend’s car?

If you both have the same arrival time and gate number then just arrive at the gate together. If your gates and times are different then it means that your cars are not similar enough to be on display together. Cars are put on display according to age and category of car.



Does my car have to be invited to participate in the Lakeland Auto Show?

No, you do not need to be invited to attend but all vehicles must have a submitted application to secure a position in the venue. We have categories for all types of collectible automobiles regardless of age – provided space is available. The Concours is the judged section of the show and is limited to selected vehicles, which must fit within one of the defined classes and be pre-approved by our selection committee. Register online

Where can I find lodging in Lakeland?

The Lakeland area has an abundance of fine lodging.  Visit our Lodging Page for some recommendations.

As a spectator, where can I park?

There are many parking lots around the city that are free and open to the public the day of the show. We’ll post a map on our website that clearly designates these parking areas. Signage near the event will direct you to the different parking areas. 

Are rental golf carts or motorized scooters available at the show?

No, we do not provide this service.

How do I apply to be a vendor at the Lakeland Auto Show?

Contact Ginny Askew at or by phone at (863) 904-4889. We are currently only accepting applications from auto product vendors. Food vendors interested in being part of the show must enter through Tampa Bay Food Trucks at (813) 464-5600.

Interested in volunteering for the car show?

Contact Ginny at or call (863) 904-4889 to find out more. Volunteers must be available to attend informational meetings prior to the event.

Interested in sponsoring the event?

If you are interested in participating as a sponsor for the 2017 Lakeland Auto Show & Lake Mirror Concours, please email

Will there be a Cars for Sale section?

Yes, we will have a Cars for Sale lot at the show. No advance registration is required – simply come to the lot and pay the $75 fee at the gate to place your car in the corral for display.

Where are the gates for car show participants to enter?

Click the link below for a map that outlines where each gate is located.  Participants will be assigned a gate number and will be notified by mail.

MAP – Lakeland Auto Show with participant gates